Mareno Cooking Range

Mareno Cooking Range

Mareno is an established brand, well known in Italy and abroad for the quality and reliability of its equipment since 1962.

Mareno  produces cooking range which offers appealing design for a modern, practical and efficient kitchen, ideal for professional cooking. Attractive and appealing gas or electric range. Innovative materials and techniques. High efficiency models in which technology and energy savings have become an integral part of the quality and choice of function. Mareno products are Powerful, efficient, compact and reliable.

Every detail in a Mareno kitchen is conceived and design to make your work easier and more efficient. Mareno machines integrate the best technology to ensure reliability and performance. Design makes them and ergonomic, convenient and pleasant to use.

Main Product Range: Cookers, Maxi Ovens, Solid Tops, Induction Range, Glass ceramic Range, Fryers, Griddle plates, Grills, Pasta Cookers, Tilting Bratt Pans, Boiling Pans, Bain Marie, Base Units.

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